Reviews & Press Quotes:

‘For those of you that haven’t heard the utter beauty of Lady Nade’s completely unique voice – you’re in for a veritable treat. You’d find it hard to find another performer today with such a hauntingly effortless whisper. She will hold you in rapture from beginning to end – stunning.’ Cleverhead Promotions

‘Youthful singer Lady Nade is known for possessing one of the most distinctive and soulful voices on the Bristol Scene’ Computer Music Magazine

‘Lady Nade’s voice has the husky resonance of a life well-lived and lessons learned, and yet she’s one of the brightest young sparks to emerge in the last year or so. Her songs sketch moments of emotional transformation, love and loss, arranged with care and effortlessly delivered in That Voice – yummy!’ – The Canteen

‘Emblematic of the Bristol music scene at its best. A distinctively individual performer’ – Julian Owen – Venue Magazine

‘I was immediately hooked by her deeply soulful, bluesy voice and the quality of her self-penned songs. She is able to bring to life the spirit of Nina Simone, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday without trying to copy any of them.’ Grumpy Man Promotions

‘”One of the best blues-soul voices to come out of Bristol in a long time, and maturing into a strong songwriter too..Nadine deserves to have her career watched closely. I certainly look forward to working with her again” –  Eddie Martin

‘The regal Lady Nade stretches vowels until they beg for mercy and sings about being human while sounding utterly timeless’ -Kristen Grayewski Venue Magazine

‘Gorgeous, spine-tingling… A unique voice’ The Evening Post

‘Nade’s songs are filled with emotion and delivered with power in velvety tones, her set is totally engrossing and the talent she possesses is stunning’ Hampshire Chronicle

‘Blue in tone, jazz in flavour, Nade’s is a singular voice: a commanding alto haunted beyond its years, oak deep and rounded, the kind you’d expect to hear spun from a thick cut of shellac at 78rpm’ Venue Magazine

‘Smoky, sultry and beautiful songs… One of Bristol’s best singers’ – The Grain Barge

‘Simply stole the show without trying. Remarkable.’ -Richard Greenhalgh – Thoughts On Music blog

‘Lady Nade blew away the audience. Absolutely charming stage presence, a wonderfully warm soul/jazz voice,  exquisite songwriting. Would not be out of place on Later With Jools Holland’Jim Lowe – Beatsandlocalmusic blog

‘Lady Nade’s voice has a powerful authority that belies her young age, a voice that speaks of lost cellars and smoky jazz. But her music is carefully composed and contemporary … bluesy, with more than a touch of soul. It all adds up to a remarkably individual artist with even greater things ahead of her’ Tony Benjamin – Venue Magazine